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Editorial Services

Job Application Materials

With over a decade of experience teaching professional communication and recent, practical experience with today's complicated job market, I bring expertise and compassion to the job search process.

I can help with all stages of the job search process, including:

  • Designing, drafting, and editing application materials

  • Developing professional portfolios

  • Rehearsing and prepping for interviews

Query Letters and Editorial Critiques

As an agented young adult writer with a PhD in children's and young adult literature, I offer in-depth, long-term knowledge of the nuances of developing and selling creative work.

I can help you throughout the writing, editorial, and querying process, with skills including:

  • Developmental editing

  • Beta reads, critiques, and copy-editing

  • Crafting and polishing query letters

Copy Editing

As an academic who has written and read countless monographs, dissertations, and theses, I know the value of a document that is clearly written and free from errors. 

I can provide copy-editing services for a range of documents, including:

  • Dissertations and theses (including formatting for submission)

  • Academic monographs

  • Edited collections

  • Various fiction works

Sensitivity Reads

My experience as a writer and as a reader has taught me the value of ensuring complex, generous, and accurate representation of lived experiences.

I can offer sensitivity reads for the following areas:

  • Queer rep, specifically asexual rep

  • Fatness rep, including body dysmorphia

  • Mental health rep, specifically major depression and generalized anxiety disorder


I know from experience that the creation of an index can be a tedious, challenging addition to an already tedious and challenging process. Let me make it easier for you!

I offer a variety of indexing options, including:

  • A complete, from-scratch index

  • A collaborative index, taking suggestions from you and any other writer(s) involved

  • An index evaluation to identify any major issues

Web Design

The process of obtaining, designing, and updating a website for your personal or professional identity can be overwhelming. Allow me to whelm you!

I offer web design packages for major platforms such as Wix, SquareSpace, and Wordpress that include:

  • Ground-up design and technical support

  • Redesigns and updates

  • Ongoing maintenance


To discuss rates, ask questions, and gather all other details, just send me an email! I'm happy to customize and adapt plans to each individual's needs.

I can't wait to work with you!

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