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Thoughts, Nonsense, and Inanities

Thoughts, Nonsense, and Inanities

Three Things Thursday: Sometimes Finding Three Things Is Hard

I’m gonna be honest with you, friends: this week does not rank high on my List of Good Weeks. (Which doesn't actually exist. But still.) As a result, I don’t have many words for you today, so let's jump right in.


Santa Clarita Diet

If you can put up with a little gore and gross-out humor, Santa Clarita Diet is a pretty fun show. When a normally mild-mannered realtor becomes a zombie, she, her husband, and her daughter must adjust to their new reality. Drew Barrymore takes some time to settle into her role as a zombie, but Timothy Olyphant is great from the beginning as her amusingly frustrated husband. The teenage characters (including the daughter and the son of their next door neighbors, who is played by one of boys who was young Shawn from Psych) are funny and sweet, too. Throw in guest appearances by Natalie Morales and Ryan Hansen, and I’m on board.

[Gif of Abby and Joel from  Santa Clarita Diet  having the following exchange: Joel: "I'm freaking out, man!" Abby: "I'm freaking out, too!" Joel: "It's so weird!" Abby: "So fucking weird!"]

[Gif of Abby and Joel from Santa Clarita Diet having the following exchange: Joel: "I'm freaking out, man!" Abby: "I'm freaking out, too!" Joel: "It's so weird!" Abby: "So fucking weird!"]

Possibly my favorite moment in the series is shown in the above gif, when the husband and daughter stop pretending everything is fine, and just have a shared freak-out over their new lives. It’s a great way to acknowledge the absurdity of the show, while allowing the characters to bond. It’s cute.


Jane the Virgin

So the show did a thing. It’s a very spoilery thing, that’s technically two things, so I’m not going to say anything beyond what I posted on Twitter Monday night:

But please trust that I have a lot of thoughts on what happened. And I will likely have a lot more to say in a few weeks, once we’ve seen more of where the show goes from here. For now, though, I’m just following Rogelio’s lead:


Other Things I Might Have Written About If This Week Had Sucked Less

  • Ken Marino guest-starring on a delightful episode of Speechless
  • The way Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is setting up to go all Swimfan on us next season
  • Also the way Cappie (or Scott Michael Foster, if you want to be non-fictional about it) makes a pretty great addition to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • The fact that books could benefit from not confusing “cruel and manipulative” plans for “admirably gutsy” ones
  • The sweetly drawn cousin relationship in First & Then by Emma Mills
  • How Legends of Tomorrrow went amusingly meta with the saga sell this week


Bonus Round: What I Read This Week

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

First & Then by Emma Mills